Girl Baby Shower Games

Mom is expecting a daughter, so plan games that are fun for all the girls at the party. Think pink with these creative games for moms who are expecting a girl.

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Word Scramble: Celebrity Edition

Put the spotlight on Hollywood’s most famous mother/daughter duos. This game includes famous mother/daughter duos.

What you need:

— A printout of the scramble for each guest
— Pens/pencils

How to play:

Come up with a list of famous mother/daughter pairs (think Goldie Hawn/Kate Hudson; Debbie Reynolds/Carrie Fisher; Blythe Danner/Gwyneth Paltrow). Scramble the letters of each name, and then print your list with enough space for guests to write the correct words.


Marty Baldwin

Girl Tunes

Test everyone’s knowledge of music by asking them to come up with as many song titles as they can that feature a girl’s name.

What you need:

— Chalkboard/Dry Erase Board
— Chalk /Marker

How to play:

Can you name that tune? Guests call out songs named after a special girl while the host jots down their ideas (examples: “Holly Holy” by Neil Diamond; “Joanna” by Kool & the Gang; “Lovely Rita” by The Beatles; and “Layla” by Eric Clapton).

crafting scissors


Greeting Card

Bring back memories of this special day for years to come with this fun crafts project. The baby-to-be will always have a special card to open on her birthday.

What you need:

— Construction paper or blank note cards
— Markers/Pens
— Stickers
— Glitter
— Glue

How to play:

This is an activity that guests will enjoy — and a sweet memento that the baby will enjoy for years to come. Assign each guest an age (1 to 21; depending on the number of guests you might need to assign the same number to more than one person), and then have her create a birthday card for the little one. Guests should design and decorate their cards, as well as include a message, so the child will have a special card to open each year on her birthday.

taking baby's photo

Corbis Photography/ Veer

Baby Mug Shots

Funny or cute photos of babies are always a hit! Ask guests to share their own baby pictures in this guessing game.

What you need:

— Poster board
— Tape
— Pen
— Paper

How to play:

Collect baby pictures from guests when they arrive. Tape the pictures to one big poster board and put a number under each one. The object of the game is to match the photo with the guest. The person with the most correct picks wins a prize.

woman holding baby clothes

David Tsay

Project Baby

Your little one can dress for success in rompers decorated by some very special designers: your shower guests!

What you need:

— Plain white all-in-ones in a variety of infant sizes
— Fabric markers
— Fabric glue
— Fabric paint
— Glitter

How to play:

Much like our birthday card activity, this is more about creating a special memento for the new arrival. Each guest gets a T-shirt or romper to decorate. Make it a competition, by handing out prizes for the Most Creative, the Craziest, and the Most Colorful designs.

photo book

Blaine Moats

The Mom-to-be Memory Game

A pregnant woman’s mind is usually a bit foggy, so jog the guest of honor’s memory with some funny stories from her past.

What you need:

— Scrapbook

How to play:

Before the shower, ask each guest to write down a special memory she has of the mom-to-be, whether it’s her mom’s recollection of her childhood or her best friend’s tale of the two at college. Each guest reads her memory as the mom-to-be opens her gift. Later, the hostess can collect all of the papers and put them in a scrapbook.

stylish pregnant woman

Ana Schechter

What Was Mom Wearing?

All eyes will need to be on the mom-to-be for this memory game.

What you need:

— Pen
— Paper

How to play:

Give guests time to mix and mingle — and say hello to the guest of honor. After about 30 minutes, have the expectant mom leave the room and then ask guests to recall what she was wearing. Ask specific questions: Is her hair up or down? Is she wearing a watch? What color is her nail polish? Her eyeshadow? The guest who remembers the most wins a prize.

baby shower

David Tsay

Q & A

Everyone’s a winner as guests answer a series of fun questions (psst — there’s a question for everyone!)

What you need:

— A list of questions
— Prizes for guests (stock up at The Dollar Store or Michaels)

How to play:

As the guest of honor opens her gifts, the hostess can ask questions to find out info such as: Who has the most kids? Who drove the furthest to be there? Which pal has known the mom-to-be the longest? Who had the longest/shortest labor? And so forth. The point is to give almost every guest a chance to win.


Dana Gallagher

Handbag Scavenger Hunt

Just how much stuff do you have in your purse? If you want to win this game, the more, the better. Find out what women really have in their handbags.

What you need:

— Printout of a list of items

How to play:

Make a list of items that a woman may carry in her purse. Each woman goes through her purse to collect as many items on the list as she can find. (Consider more unusual items: a tennis ball, a photo of a small dog, a movie ticket, and dental floss.) The person who collects the most items wins a prize.

Two babies pick names out of a jar.

Everyone loves talking about baby names, but in this game, guests need to figure out their meanings. Guests try to figure out the meanings of various girl names.

What you need:

— A baby name book (to check the meanings)
— Printout of baby names
— Pen
— Paper

How to play:

Write up a list of girl baby names — one for each letter in the alphabet — and leave a space beside each one so guests can fill in the meaning of the name. Believe it or not, many people do know this, and it’s also interesting to find out the origin and meanings of the different names. Give the game a personal touch by including the first names of family members and close friends.

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