Get your baby to sleep with this trick



One Reddit user has blown the lid on one of all those ‘perfect parents’ best kept secrets: how to get your baby to sleep.

Their simple hack requires no tissues, no special burping technique, no soothing drum beats from south-west Africa, no baby whisperer or phoenix feather dipped in liquid unicorns …

Yes, the gift of sleep may be less elusive than we once thought.

‘NoReallyThisIsTrue’ took to Reddit’s parenting forum to share the sleep trick that was working wonders for her bub – a notorious non-sleeper.

Her advice? Pretend to be asleep, too.


Your baby might fall asleep easier if you pretend to be asleep. from Parenting


A voice of the people!

In the comments, countless parents came forward saying a similar technique also worked for their bub.

One shared, “My daughter is also just about 8-months-old and I just stumbled onto this trick. It makes naps sooo much easier!”

“I do this. All. The. Time,” another user shared. “Mommy wants a nap? All I have to do is pretend to be asleep, kiddo sneaks up next to me and gets comfy. Next thing I know, a couple hours have passed by comfortably cuddling with my little one :) it’s a win win!”

“I’ve been doing this with my little one, 2-years-old. It probably does help him fall asleep, but my main motivation to be honest is that I would also like to fall asleep.” (Not a bad outcome if you ask us!)

A number of bleary-eyed parents also crawled out of their delirium, commenting on the thread that they would test out this theory next nap time.

Is there any science behind it?

Turns out there could be some scientific reasoning behind the idea.

“It’s normal, an evolutionary thing,” one user commented. “Babies and young children mimic the breathing patterns of adults nearby them, hence why having a baby sleep in the same room as the parents is considered a factor in preventing SIDS.

“I get my baby to nap by lying beside her in bed and taking long slow deep breaths one user commented. She relaxes and soon falls asleep. It’s a great trick that should be included in a manual for every parent.”

“I have been using this method for a while now, and it has been wonderful,” another wrote. “I think it might also have something to do with the baby realising that you are not up for playtime, so they resign themselves to sleep because what else is there to do.”

“I could just have a weird baby”

Of course some people were less convinced … even NoReallyThisIsTrue considered she, “could just have a weird baby.”

“This tends to result in actually falling asleep while waiting for the little one to do so,” one critiqued. To which another pointed out they could just set an alarm to go off in 30-40 minutes time. (Genius!)

Another sceptic pointed out, “Like everything else [this technique] worked for a few weeks before she was onto my game and I had to raise the bar.” This parent now resorts to tirelessly running laps around the backyard with her kid and exerting all their energy in order to help them nod off.

Sceptics aside, if you are currently one of the multitude of zombie-esque non-sleeping parents wandering our earth – there’s definitely no harm in trying something new!

Who knows, you might just score yourself a couple of zzzzs too. #LivingTheDream