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Parents’ lifestyle editor Taryn Mohrman shows how to make a homemade piñata for your child’s birthday.


Hi. I’m Tara Morban from Parents. Making your own pinata for your child’s birthday is a lot easier than you might think. I’m gonna show you how in just a few simple steps. Here’s what you’ll need. A 14 inch paper lantern, 5 party hats, tissue paper, different colors of tissue festooning, a hot glue gun, scissors, string and crepe paper. To create the base of the pinata, we’re gonna assemble our paper lantern. So the next step is to take tissue paper and to fold 2 or 3 pieces into about a 6 inch square. You’re gonna insert the tissue paper into the lantern to cover the bottom hole. So, to decorate the pinata, we’re using tissue festooning. It’s available in rolls for about $2 to $3 at We’ve gone ahead and measured and cut some pieces to size and we’re gonna first start by putting a piece around the top of the lantern. Grab your hot glue gun, definitely a job for mom or dad, don’t be afraid to use lots of colors. The pinata’s supposed to be really fun and festive. Now we’re gonna take our party hats and some extra pieces of tissue festooning and we’re gonna glue them around the bottom of each. Okay. Set it aside to dry and continue with the other hats. To finish off the party hats, take your roll of crepe paper and measure a piece about 12 inches long. Give it a cut, fold it in half like this and then cut it right down the center. You’re gonna repeat to create 4 more tassels for the end of your party hat. Take each of these tassels, fold it in half at the top and use a dab of hot glut to attach it to the top of each party hat. Hold it in place, let it dry and move on, complete the rest of them. Apply hot glue to the tissue festooning and then press it into the lantern in place. You can even stick your hand inside to apply extra pressure to make sure that it sticks. Glue 3 more hats around the center of the lantern. Let’s glue the last hat to the bottom of the lantern to cover the hole. Now your pinata is ready to be filled with candy and tied up using a pieces of string.

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