Family Vacations: Atlantis Paradise Island | Parents

Experience Atlantis Paradise Island and learn why it is a great destination for a family-friendly winter getaway or a vacation any time of the year.


Hi, I’m Katie. My mom works at Parents Magazine. I got to spend the day at Atlantis in the Bahamas while we stopped in our cruise. The first thing I did was swim with the dolphins. Atlantis has 41 of them and you hang out with 2 during your session. You wear your bathing suit under a wetsuit they give you. Because I’m 11, I can go underwater without my mom. It’s a rule that parents [unk] with kids 10 and under. You probably won’t mind though. The moms in my group looked like they we’re having as much fun as the kids. I got to touch the dolphin’s skin, feed her fish, it wasn’t icky at all. And then she did tricks for us including a big jump in the air. I got splashed but that was okay. I even gave her a kiss. After the dolphins, I met Cassie, a sea lion who has starred in a movie. Following her Hollywood career, she moved to Atlantis in the sea lion encounters you can book. She was even better than the dolphins. I can see where she’s a star. She’s unbelievably cute. Just look at her big eyes. And she knows all kinds of tricks. Then I dried off and got a tour of the club for 3 to 12 year old, Atlantis Kid’s Adventures. It looks like a children museum. There’s a giant doll house, a pretend supermarket, a Lego construction zone, a real kitchen for cooking lessons and a performance stage with actual instruments. I wanted my mom to leave me behind but no such luck. We went to another building where we looked at the teen club which has its own DJ booth. I got to try it out for a minute. I’m not a teen yet, but it’s open to tweens and their parents sometimes. I didn’t get a chance to go down the slide I’ve seen on TV. The Mayan pyramid [unk] underneath it. There are plenty of other [unk] and places to play without the [unk] of sharks. Anyone can buy a day pass to explore the resort if you’re on a cruise and you can also book dolphin and sea lion encounters through your cruise line or directly with Atlantis. Or if you’re lucky enough to be planning a vacation here, my mom says it’s less expensive to go in the early fall and early winter.

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