Empowering new project urges moms to get in the picture

I just returned from vacation. Looking through my photos, I couldn’t help but notice it looks like I wasn’t even there. Because all the pictures are of my kids, and my hubby.

I’m pretty sure many moms can relate to being absent from family photos. It’s a phenomenon motherhood and lifestyle photographer Laura Ryan is all too familiar with, but she is doing something to change that.

“Towards the end of last year some of my clients and friends shared with me that they were realizing that while they had many pictures of their children they were rarely in them,” Laura told BabyCenter in an email, adding, “Some said the only pictures they had with their child was the professional photos I had taken. And while I am honored to take those pictures, a huge part of their life (and memories) is not being documented.”

And so, Laura decided to launch the Motherhood 52 Project, and encourage mamas to get in the photos.




So far, over 250 images have been shared, of everyday moments moms experience with their kids, and from mothers with professional photography backgrounds, as well as those (like me) who simply use their cell phone cameras to chronicle their lives.

Here’s a collection of their inspiring, real-life photos, courtesy of Laura.


“What I love most about this project is mamas are putting aside their insecurities, doing away with comparisons, and embracing the story they are able to capture. Everyday life is being documented, not just one day a year,” Laura told us.

She added about how getting in the photos has impacted participating moms, “Many have stated that since starting the project, they have learned to see the story rather than their flaws or lack of experience taking photos. Many have found a passion for photography. Many have had breakthroughs with insecurities. It’s been truly remarkable.”

Here’s hoping more moms, me included, can stop worrying that they don’t have their hair and makeup done, or that they might look fat, or that the lighting isn’t flattering, and will instead just get in the picture!

Because I know I want my kids to look back one day, and remember that yes, my mom was on that family vacation. And at the park, or the play, or just in the kitchen, being a mom. Every day.

If you love this idea like I do, find out more about the Motherhood52 project on its Facebook page, group, and on Instagram.