Earth Mama: Have a “Green” Baby Shower

Check out this eco-friendly baby shower idea — it brings “reduce, reuse, and recycle” to a new level.

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Pretty in Pink

Lisa’s baby registry is full of organic goodies, including this snugly all-in-one.

bottle feeding

Jason Todd

Bottle Feeding

Scrap the plastic and serve drinks in recycled glass containers instead.

wrap it right

Jason Todd

Wrap It Right

Ask everyone to wrap gifts using recycled materials such as brown bags, newspaper, and spare buttons.

wish craft

Jason Todd

Wish Craft

Instead of playing party games, gather the guests together for an eco-minded crafting session. Decorate mini box ornaments with discarded gift wrap and ribbons. Then fill each box with a wish, a hope, or a prayer for the mom and baby. Hang ornaments on a tree that the new parents can plant in their yard.

napkin flowers

Jason Todd

Napkin Flowers

Turn silverware into a pretty pink bouquet by wrapping forks and knives in organic burp cloths.

What You’ll Need

* napkin or burp cloth
* silverware
* rubber band
* scissors
* green ribbon
* hot glue

Make It

Fold napkin lengthwise to 4 inches wide. (This may take more than one fold.) Stack silverware at one end of the napkin with the base of the fork, knife, spoon nearly touching the bottom fold. Roll tightly to the other end. Fasten a rubber band around the base of the flower (where handle meets top of silverware). Tug and fluff out the folds in the napkin to create petals. Wrap ribbon around the rubber band twice and secure with hot glue. Wrap the same type of ribbon around the handle of the silverware; secure with a dab of hot glue at the bottom. Tie a short piece of the ribbon around the “stem” to make leaves. Arrange in a bowl or vase.

take-away bouquet

Jason Todd

Take-Away Bouquet

Flowering plants in recycled glass jars glam up the buffet table — and make great party favors too.

this idea rocks

Jason Todd

Green Eats

It wouldn’t be an eco-baby shower without delicious organic food. We asked chef Louisa Shafia, of Lucid Food, in New York City, for tips on preparing an enviro-friendly meal.

* It may not be realistic to pull off a shower with all organic foods, so do your best — baking a cake with free-range eggs or serving organic chicken and produce is a great start.
* Spend a little more time and make a soup from scratch, using locally grown vegetables if possible. Serve with fresh-baked scones.
* Prepare your cake with dye-free, homemade icing. Then add a beautiful green color by topping it with crushed pistachios.
* Leftover fruit salad won’t keep, so put together a platter of fruit that you don’t need to cut. Grapes, mini pears, clementines, or other petite fruits won’t turn brown while sitting on the buffet.
* Choose fish that’s safe for pregnant women: wild salmon, halibut, and trout are all good bets.
* Use almond, soy, or rice milk to whip up a pitcher of yummy fruit smoothies.

Tip: Label your food with simple stones.

Originally published in the March 2008 issue of Parents magazine.

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