Day trip idea: Go crab catching (here’s how!)


Yum. There’s nothing like catching what you eat (as long as you pay attention to local fisheries regulations!) And chilli crab tastes EVEN better when you caught the crab yourself!

Here’s how to do it… 

Find yourself a nice sandy beach on a sunny day.

You will need:

  1. Put the meat into the net and secure it well. You can use wire or string to do this.
  2. Walk into the shallows and throw your net out.
  3. Pull it in and there might be a crab in it!
  4. Check to see that your crab is a good size (throw back the undersize ones!)
  5. Put the crab into your bucket without getting nipped!
  6. Transfer to the esky when it’s time to go home or when your bucket is getting crowded.

Check your State fisheries guide for any licensing, size, location, quantity and season restrictions in your area.

Don’t take more than you need!

xx Pip