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James Bond’s girls often come with some pretty out-there monikers—the most celebrated is likely Pussy Galore, but Bond’s babes have also gone by names like Strawberry Fields, Plenty O’Toole, Honey Ryder and Chew Mee. Not exactly names you’re likely to give a brand new baby. But the Bond girl from the latest Bond flick, Skyfall, comes with a pretty cool name that may be worth your consideration—Severine.

As you can imagine, the name means “severe,” and it comes from the same Latin root as Severus (a pivotal character in another British institution, Harry Potter). It’s a popular name in France, but virtually unheard of here—and it fits in nicely with the latest wave of -ine names, like Clementine, Adeline and Evangeline. In real life, it was used as the pen name for Caroline Rémy de Guebhard, a French journalist and feminist who fought for women’s emancipation in 19th century France.

As for middle names, you need something with some cool factor—no standard Ann or Lynn will do. I’m thinking bolder names like Jade, Lily, Fleur or Lark. In other words, something exotic enough for a Bond girl (though not quite as “Bond girl” as Pussy Galore).

Would you consider Severine for your baby? Would the Bond connection make the name cooler for you—or make it less likely that you’d pick it?

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