Cool Name of the Week: Orlando

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Orlando isn’t just a theme park mecca—it can be a great boys’ name, too. Witness Orlando Bloom, of Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings fame. The news of the end of his marriage to model Miranda Kerr helped remind me of how lovely his name is (and how lovely he is, as well).

It’s currently a top 500 baby name, but on a bit of a decline right now. It has a great meaning—famous—and a Shakespearean pedigree, thanks to his beloved play, As You Like It. Author Virginia Woolf also penned a novel titled Orlando.

If you’re picking a name like Orlando, you can’t pair it with something too plain as the middle name (or in the sibling set—Orlando’s sister should be something equally romantic, like Arabella or Lucinda). I’d give a middle name like Rhys or Lucas.

As for nicknames, Landi and Lando are the most common—Lando comes with a bit of a nod to Star Wars as well. I like the idea of Arlo as a nickname—a bit unexpected, with a musical pedigree of its own, thanks to Arlo Guthrie.

What do you think? Is Orlando too exotic, too Disney, or just right? And don’t forget to check out our Baby Name Finder to help you find the perfect name for your baby!