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We had a whirlwind weekend—two birthday parties, plus one big reunion for the families we traveled with to adopt our oldest daughter in China. It’s amazing to see how quickly they’ve all grown, from the babies we met eight years ago in a Civil Affairs Office in the midst of China. They all have beautiful names—there’s Ava,  Julianne, Katharine, Anna, and Lilah.

I think Lilah has one of the cooler names in their crew. It’s an Arabic word that means night or dark beauty, and has been used on some of my favorite TV shows—often for characters with a someone questionable moral compass, like the devilish lawyer Lilah Morgan on Angel, and Dexter’s slightly creepy, amoral second-season girlfriend, Lila West. It feels like a shortened version of Delilah, the Biblical name that’s becoming hotter than ever.

The spelling Lilah (around #300 on the top baby name list) is less popular than the more common Lila (currently at number 182). It’s a nice alternative if you like some of the uberpopular names, like Ella and Lily, but want something a little more offbeat.

I’d pair Lilah with a funky middle name—like Spring, Ruby or Maeve.

What do you think of the name Lilah? Love it or leave it?