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The Sochi Olympics have been a little quiet. Sure, there’s the dramas over the unfinished hotel rooms, and Bob Costas’s eye infection. And on Saturday, there was some drama about a post-win interview with multi-medaler Bode Miller, one of the most decorated Alpine skiers of all time—and the oldest medalist ever in alpine skiing. Interviewer Christin Cooper decided to focus her interview on the recent death of Bode’s younger brother, Chelone (nicknamed Chilly), a professional snowboarder who passed away from a seizure. The questions brought Bode to tears—and he broke down mid-interview. Not sure her interview tactic was the best one, but it definitely brought more attention to this top notch skier—and his unique first name.

Bode is based on a German surname, and means “messenger.” It’s actually pronounced like “Bow-dee”—not too far from the Sanskrit name Bodhi.

Bode only hit the top 1000 baby names from 2008-2010—likely thanks to Bode Miller’s prominence in the sport, but hasn’t been in the limelight since then. But it bears resemblance to popular names like Brody and Brady, so it might make a nice choice if you like any of those names but want something a little more unique.

With Bode, I’d consider an equally cool middle name, like Snow, Jet or Cruz—though if you’re worried Bode’s going to sound too out-there for a more conservative child, you could pick something a bit more conservative, like Miles, Theodore, or Julian.

What do you think of the name Bode? Is it something you’d consider?

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