Celebrity Baby Name Inspiration

Celebs turn to the exact same places we do when they pick their baby’s names. See what inspired some of the most intriguing celebrity baby names out there.


[MUSIC] Celebrity Baby Name Inspiration: Girls Names. Kristin Vavallari on daughter Saylor: I met a woman and her dog…and i loved her dog’s name.” Dax Shepard on daughter Delta: Our first daughter’s name is Lincoln, which is very masculine. So, a friend of mine teasingly texted me…’Oh,great! What’s this one gonna be? Navy Seal? Delta Force? Green Beret?’ I was reading this text out lout to Kristen and said…’Delta! Delta Bell Shepard! That’s it!’ Dwyneth Paltrow on daughter Apple: …it conjured such a lovely picture for me-you know, apples are so sweet and they’re wholesome and it’s biblical. P!nk on daughter Willow Sage: It is the most flexible tree and nothing can break it¿no wind, no elements. It can bend and withstand anything. I love that sentiment and I want that for her. Hayden Christensen on daughter Briar Rose: There’s a Disney reference there, I guess. The original Sleeping Beauty is called Briar Rose. We both love all things Disney¿but Rachel especially was very keen on the name. Tamera Mowry-Housley on daughter Ariah: Before [my husband] and i were even married we stumbled across a shop named Araya. I stopped and immediately told him I loved the name…The only catch was that I wanted to spell her name phonetically so people wouldn’t mess it up and call her a-RAY-ya. Parents. FamilyFun. Parenting. Fit Pregnancy.