Can’t decide baby’s name? For a cool US$29,000 an expert can help


Not everyone has a secret stash of possible baby names up their sleeves, ready for the time they have a little one on the way. Some of us struggle, seeing a daunting task ahead – millions of names and meanings (not to mention spellings) can seem overwhelming.

Names, names everywhere!

Then there are those who struggle to agree on a moniker with their partner – sometimes even weeks after bub has made his or her entrance into the world.




Not to mention the worriers! Do you freak out that the name you think is uber-cute now, will come back to bite your little one’s grown-up bottom? Is Poppity-Lou cute AND Prime Minister-worthy?

Not to worry! If you’re clueless or indecisive expert help is at hand, just make sure you have wads of cash ready to hand over.

Your baby is a ‘brand’

Baby naming services such as New York’s My Name for Life and the Swiss-based Erfolgswelle provide a professional service where they can ‘brand’ your baby straight outta the womb. The latter charges US$29,000 (AU $37,452) for each baby it names, providing about 100 hours of work time to the effort.

They even make you think the genius name was all your idea. The My Name for Life website states:

“A name is a gift so meaningful, so powerful—so personal—that only you can select it for your child.’ Apparently they are just there to “help you discover the attractive and memorable name meant just for your baby.”

No pushy extended family suggestions

The service is billed as a “private, no-pressure way of getting honest advice and wonderful name suggestions” from experienced professionals who solve ‘naming dilemmas’.

Sherri Suzanne (who has two noticeably first names), has run the service for seven years. Speaking to she said that she spends around 30 hours on a single name report.

Baby naming services generate lists of names that can be discussed with parents in personal consultations or via carefully selected lists that are emailed.

Future success

Names have been shown to have consequences long term – either career-wise or by influencing first impressions, so it’s no wonder that baby naming services are reportedly gaining in popularity.

Guess what? You can check out our very own Kidspot baby name finder here, and best of all, it’s free.