Bumpy beach drives are a-okay


Do you know that it’ll blow the cobwebs out of you and shake things up in a very good way? It’s true. I am an expert and you should always trust an expert like me!

We took a drive to the beach on a Wintery day (hence my expert status.) The air was crisp and the road was bumpy. I had forgotten how restorative it is to see the sea and breathe big lung-fuls of fresh air. It is VERY restorative.  Even with bumps.

We made a roadtrip playlist and bumped along. We ate those lollies that you join together to mix different flavours and we drank lots of cups of coffee and talked about things that we are normally too busy to chat about.

There’s something about tripping along together that’s a bit Muskateer-y.  You know, you’re out of your usual routine, hanging out together as a little gang, being silly, feeling good. You should try it.

Here’s our bumpy road trip movie, from our super bumpy beach drive.  Do you wanna bump?!

And just in case you are stuck for something to listen to, I’ve made a little playlist for you!

Add your own favourite road trip tracks in the comments and I’ll do an updated list in a couple of weeks!

What would you listen to on a road trip? Or on a day trip? Or just on a trip down to the shops? Do tell!

xx Pip