Book Week craft project: How to make a bookmark

But making your own bookmark is also a fun craft project to enjoy with the kids. As well as being a bookmark geek, I’m also a geeky crafter, so here’s a cute bookmark idea using a page of print from a magazine or old book. (I must emphasise ‘old’ book here, don’t just start ripping pages out of books from the bookshelf!) Any page with print on it will do. Here’s how to make yourself a fancy bookmark.

You will need:

What do do:

First rule of bookmark craft is: know the optimum proportions for the perfect bookmark. I have figured this out for you by trial and error.  So, FYI it’s 16cm x 5cm. Cut a piece from your colourful paper measuring 16cm x 5cm. Now cut an identically sized piece from the printed page. Get your shape punching tool (well worth the investment) and punch shapes in the coloured layer. If you don’t have a shape punching tool, don’t fret, you can just use scissors to cut circles in the coloured paper. Now glue the backing (printed page) to the front (coloured paper.) Looking fancy so far, but wait! There’s more. You need to add a fancy tassel to make the ultimate bookmark. To make a tassel, grab a small piece of card about 4cm across. Wind some wool around the card (see video).  Now loop another piece (about 15cm in length) through one end of the wound loops (see video.) Tie it off. Snip the top of the loops. The piece of card will now slip free. Now tie a smaller piece of wool about 1cm up along the fringed part to create the ball of the tassel (see video). Punch a small hole, using a regular hole punch, into the top edge of your bookmark and attach the tassel. All done. Now that’s a fancy bookmark for a serious bookworm!