Best Baby Names 2009

Find out which baby names were most popular on in 2009! We’ve put together the hottest baby names and trends, plus some beloved classics. See if your favorites made the cut!

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This Year’s Most Popular Names: The Top Two!

In 2009, readers continued to embrace a mix of classic and contemporary names. And while the rest of the list was full of surprises, the top two names from 2008 maintained their hold. For boys, Aidan ranked No. 1 for the third year running. Isabella, and variations Isabel and Bella, topped the girls list for the second straight year.

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Top Girls Names of 2009

Isabella: Names for Girls

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Boys Names More Timeless Than Girls?

If you were born in the 70s or 80s, you likely had plenty of Jessicas, Melissas, and Amys in your classes growing up. Well new moms seems to be creating new traditions for girls. Jennifer (#34) was up slightly from last year, but Amy and Melissa failed to crack our top 50 girl names. Meanwhile, top boys names from that time, Michael, Christopher, and Matthew, are all still in the top 15.

Jennifer: Names for Girls

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“En”-dearing Names

In boys names, parents couldn’t get enough of names that rhyme with top name Aidan. Jayden, Caden, Hayden, and Brayden were all in our top 50 boy names. And a number of two syllable names ending with the “en” sound also made the list. Ethan, Ryan, Dylan, Evan, and Tristan, plus a number of others, show that parents love the crisp cadence of the way these names sound.

The rich and famous are always sources of glamorous monikers. Parents seem to have an eye on Hollywood’s up-and-coming screen stars, judging by this year’s popular names. Though they may not have chosen the same spelling, actress Keira Knightly, Zooey Deschanel, and Sophia Bush all have hot names — Keira just missed our top 50 girls names. For men, young stars Elijah Wood and Zac Efron both have names parents adore. And TV starlet Hayden Panettiere’s name shows up on the guy’s list.

Zachary: Names for Boys

One of the biggest cultural phenomenons of the last decade is back in theaters this year and is as hot as ever as far as names are concerned. Both of star Sarah Jessica Parker’s names are in the top 20 — numbers 16 and 17, respectively. Her character, Carrie’s, noble, fan-favorite-ex Aidan is still holding the No. 1 spot on the boy’s list And pal Charlotte’s name popped into our top 50 for the first time.

There’s nothing so charming as a children’s classic. Beloved children’s characters Madeline, Olivia, and Pooh-pal Christopher Robin have such wonderful associations that they’ve continued to stay on our most popular list.

Madeline: Names for Girls

Plenty of parents try to encourage their children’s musical talents by signing them up for KinderMusik. But some go the extra mile and give their new baby a musically-inclined name. Some honor a famous musician — like Aaliyah (#29 for girls) or Taylor Swift (#40 for girls, an indie darling like Tegan and Sara (#31 and #16) or Liam Finn (#29 on the boys’ list). Others go for a name that’s been honored in song, like Elvis Costello’s Allison (#43) or Layla (#37) by Eric Clapton.

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Though they’ve risen in popularity since the election, none of the first family’s names — Barack, Malia, Sasha or Barack — made our top 50. However, Arianna soared in popularity in 2009 — perhaps a nod to news maven Arianna Huffington. And vice president Joe Biden’s name is a perennial favorite, sitting at #36 on our boy’s list.

A number of names joined our top 50 lists for the first time. On the girl’s side, Kayla, Lily, Savannah and Adeline are all new! The boys had an even bigger number of shake-ups, with Austin, Evan, London, Brayden, Gabriel, Justin, Jason, and Charles joining the list.

Lily: Names for Girls


Romantic Ideals

A few names seem destined to produce little heartbreakers. A famed romantic hero in Irish tales, Tristan is #49 on the boys list. On the girl’s list, Emma, the title character of a Jane Austen novel, matches perfectly with #7.

Destined for glory on the field? Little boys named after stars such as quarterback Peyton Manning, Olympic swimming star Michael Phelps, and coach Hayden Fry may be headed for great athletic feats. All three names showed up in our boys’ top 50.

Gothic, angsty, and hopelessly romantic, the bestselling Twilight series seems to be having some influence on our names list. Isabella is the #1 name, again, and Edward, continues to climb, missing the top 50 male names, but still in the top 100. Villainess Victoria showed up at #53. And the movies actors, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, both have names in our top 50.

Our favorite entertainers don’t just make good TV and music (and tabloid fashion!), they’ve got some great ideas for kids names. Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s son Brooklyn’s name is hot (as is her own name). Singer Jennifer Hudson named her new baby “David Daniel,” both in the boy’s top 30. And former Home Improvement star Tim Allen has a new baby daughter, Elizabeth, with a name at #3.

Some celebrity baby names that didn’t make our list include Satyana (actress Alyson Hannigan’s daughter) and Blakesly (reality stars Trista and Ryan Sutter’s daughter).

We love names that take us places. London (#45), Austin (#42), Savannah (#47) and Brooklyn (#28) were all popular in 2009. And perhaps a few of the new little Jacksons (#41) out there, were named for the southern city.


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Names of Faith

A number of names on both lists have religious roots. On the boys’ side, there’s Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Gabriel. On the girls’ list, Sarah, Leah, Rebecca, and Elizabeth all have associations with faith.

See the rest of the up-and-coming names popular with readers.

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