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When I was pregnant, I did all the research especially for this. I must’ve read instructions for bathing about a dozen times, but it definitely took some practice to master. Before we start bath time, I take a moment to appreciate this time spent one on one with my baby. This is a wonderful opportunity to bond with him. To begin, I run a checklist in my head and gather everything I need. This way, I won’t need to go and get anything when he’s in the tub. So I just fill the tub with a couple of inches of warm water and swirl it around to avoid hot spots, testing the temperature with the back of my wrist like I would a bottle. Now with one arm to support his head, neck and back, I gently place him in the bath. A bath is such a calm way to begin a night time routine and because we do this every night, he knows what to expect. But some nights, if he’s a little fussy, I talk to him or sing him a little song. I’ve been using this plastic baby tub ever since my pediatrician said it was okay to put my baby in the water. But every parent is different. You could continue sponge bathing for several months; just do it as comfortable for you and your baby. I use one arm to support his head, neck and back and gently wash him with the other. I always start with the face first, gently cleaning the area around his eyes from the inside out with a wet cotton ball or pad. And with my washcloth, I clean the rest of his face working from the middle outward. I’ve learned it’s especially important to get in all the creases around his mouth and nose, behind the ears, and in the folds of his neck. He doesn’t have much hair yet, so I use a hair and body cleanser for his scalp. It only takes a drop to build a good lather and I just massage his head gently. And now I just gently wash the rest of his body, cleaning the diaper area last. And when we’re both ready, I lift him out, holding him under both arms while supporting his head and neck. I wrap him in a towel and dry him off. This is my favorite part. A little snuggle, hello sweetie, before a really soothing massage.

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