Bath time helps your baby to learn, think and grow


Confession: I can’t live without bath time. Er, not mine, of course. Although I am known for having long and too hot showers! I’m talking about the thirty minutes my 18-month-old son, Harry spends every night at 5:30pm, floating in warm soapy water, playing with bubbles and gabbling away with joy.

As simple pleasures go, bath time is right up there. It’s one of the best moments of my day and a great way to wind down together. A much more enjoyable pace from the battle ground of the dinner table and high chair. And much more preferable to the late afternoon delirium, thrown toys, house in a state, frayed nerves after a busy day at work. You know the drill…

When you look at it that way, bath time is really just as important for us weary mums and dads as it is for our growing babies. The bathroom becomes a special place and time just stops while you watch child for a while. And there is nothing better than that soapy, creamy, nurturing smell of baby soap and bath bubbles spilling over onto the floor.

Johnson’s “So Much More” puts the benefits of bath time back in the spotlight

Johnson & Johnson’s has published more clinical research on baby’s skin than any other global skin care company over the last five year and are now embarking upon new research into the benefits of baby sensory stimulation.  Basically, when it comes to baby bath time they know what they’re talking about. Their latest campaign, “Johnson’s So Much More” urges parents to make the most of bath time and soak up every second they can, to connect with baby.

Nearly everyone can imagine the baby bath time smell and for good reason. The Johnson’s baby brand has been around for 120 years, so smell literally carries their story. My dad has always washed with the baby shampoo. And since having our son, there’s always triple pack of the baby soap on hand for bath time. Gotta say, that’s my favorite smell of all time: a warm, toasty baby wrapped in clean pajamas smelling like a mix of baby soap and talcum powder. Mmm…

View Johnson’s Baby’s Youtube video to find out more about the benefits of bath time routine.

Bath time rituals can contribute to healthy brains

According to Dr Ginni Mansberg, an independent Australian general practitioner, every little second you spend talking and massaging your baby in and out of the bath boost their sensory development which also improves their brain development. The face to face contact and touch sensation you give them every night, along with the smells and relaxed, loving environment will stay with them for life.  Not only does the familiarity and smell relax everyone, the opportunity it gives you for skin to skin contact with your baby is second to none.  Dr Mansberg said: “Sharing beautiful experiences like bath time and touch time and even verbal communication will not only create special moments between parents and their child but it will also improve brain development.”

But what if my baby won’t sit still in the bath?

I hear you. We went through a phase recently where Harry would only stand up in the bath! But do not fear. If your baby is more of a thrash and go kind of bather, you can get the same positive effects from baby massage, while you’re getting them dressed.  Routine massage has been proven to improve mental alertness and attentiveness. As Alice Campbell of the International Association of Infant Massage Australia  told Kidspot your baby’s first emotional bonds come from physical contact.  So these daily routines and rituals actually provide your baby with the beginnings of their emotional and intellectual stepping stones that will develop later in life.

Don’t forget the yummy smells

If, like me you adore the smell of your freshly washed babe, it’s pretty cool to know that smells actually contribute to your baby’s brain development too. According to fragrance expert, Gilda Severino from Givaudan, smells are powerful memory triggers – a sense that develops as early as 28 weeks gestation! And because  85 percent of your babies brain is developed by the time they are three years old, every experience they have leading up to that time will contribute to their overall development.

So what’s the take home message from all of this? Pretty simple really. Bathing your baby is one of the best and loveliest ways to encourage healthy brain development and deeper emotional connection. Plus, everyone is clean, smelling great, relaxed and unwinding together after a long day. Sounds pretty good to me.

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