Baby Names: Is It Too Unusual? | Parents

You want your baby to stand out, but is the name you’ve chosen too unique? Here’s how to choose the perfect baby name.


Do you find yourself going back and forth in search of a truly unique baby name? Lots of parents do. But it’s a fine line between unique and a little too out there. Here are five ways to tell if your chosen name crosses that line. First, say it out loud. And pay attention to how the first and last names work together. And consider nicknames. Katrina Burger may sound great, but Kat Burger may prompt some teasing. Try the coffee shop test. Next time you order a latte, give your child’s name to the barista, and see what happens. If she doesn’t understand you or butchers the spelling on your cup, that’s food for thought. Check it out on baby naming sites. See what naming experts say. If they mention an unfortunate pop culture reference or suggest it’s too weird to be used, you may want to reconsider. Run it by a focus group of middle school kids. If the name can be mocked, they’ll find a way to do it. And lastly, reconsider the creative spelling. The name will sound the same when it’s said out loud, but an unusual spelling just means your child will have to spell her name over and over and over. For more on baby names, check out our baby name blog, In Name Only.

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