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Great names tend to get very popular. Here’s how to choose a baby name that won’t dominate the preschool roster.


Many parents want their children to be stylish, not their kids’ names. It’s a bummer when your child’s name is so trendy that two or three classmates share it. Here are five tips to reduce the risk of picking a trendy name. First, check the name’s history on sites like Baby Name Wizard to get a sense of how it’s ranked over the last 30 years. Look for names that don’t fluctuate much. A name that’s skyrocketing up the charts now is likely to hit the trendy top ten, eventually. See what’s popular where you live. Henry may be hot in the Northeast, but it’s Bentley or Wyatt down South. Ask local friends with small kids what names they’re hearing at the day care or preschool, or look online for state-by-state breakdowns of the top baby names. Consider the classics. Some names simply never go out of style, like John and Daniel, Elizabeth and Catherine. They tend not to fluctuate, so they probably won’t become a sudden trend. Watch out for celebrity picks. Some unusual names won’t gain a foothold, but traditional names like Violet or Mason often become common when chosen by celebrities. Names also trend quickly when used on a popular TV show. Keep up on the latest celeb picks at Finally, avoid the current top ten names. Because so many parents get creative with baby names today, even fairly popular names aren’t used as often as their counterparts from a few decades back. Odds are, if you skip the top ten names, your child won’t share his name with anyone in his class. For more on baby names, check out our baby name blog, In Name Only.

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