Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name | Parents

Your perfect little person needs the perfect name. Here’s how to pick a great name for baby.


Decorating your nursery can take some research, but how do you approach one of the toughest decisions of all? Naming your baby. Here are five ways to pick a terrific name. First, each parent should brainstorm a top ten list. No collaborating. Draw inspiration from favorite friends and family members, or even historical figures and fictional characters. Then, you should each choose two names you love from the other person’s list. Consider how the name will grow with your child. Before you know it, he will be too big for his crib and you don’t want the same to happen with his name. Think about whether the name will suit him as an adult. Would you really trust your taxes to an accountant named Kirby? Think about the shelf life. Names that become red hot often fall out of favor just as quickly. Consider a timeless classic instead. And finally, remember you’re not naming yourself. If you don’t love your own name, you maybe looking to right a wrong for your child. But picking an all fit name like Lulu Belle doesn’t make up for the fact that you are one of six Jennifers in your class. Steer clear off extremes and you’re likely to find the perfect name for your baby. For more on baby names, check out our baby name blog In Name Only.

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