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Baby Names for Girls

Reader Jenn will be having a baby girl in a few months, but can’t decide on a name.

I am 6 1/2 months pregnant with a girl. I would really like to give her a unique but not too far off the wall name. I like unisex or almost boy names that can now be girl names like Braxton, Maxwell, etc. I also like vintage names. I’m just having a really hard time coming up with something different and meaningful.

I can totally understand the urge to have something different and meaningful, and not the typical Olivia, Sophia, and top 10 crew. Here are a few suggestions I have:

I’m loving some of the cool old-school floral and nature names for girls. Names like Juniper, Hazel, Clementine, Flora (or even Florence), or even fresh flowers like Poppy and Iris make beautiful options for a baby girl. Some of them are on their way up, but still aren’t quite as well known as ones like Willow, Violet, and Sage.

Or consider some of the vintage British names that are coming into vogue there, but still aren’t heard too often across the pond. I’m thinking Imogen, Isla, and Eleanor.

And then, there’s always those wonderful unisex baby names. What about considering Winton, Vaughan, Vale, or Laurent for your daughter?

Here are a few suggestions for naming your daughter: I like Winton Jade, Clementine Mae, or Eleanor Laurent.

And here’s where you step in, readers: What names would you suggest for Jenn? I’m sure you guys all have some great ideas!

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