Baby Cheeks Make Everything Better—Even for This Grumpy Toddler | Parents

This beyond-cute video shows sisterly love at its finest—and proves that no one can be crabby when there are chubby baby cheeks to stroke.

Grumpy Toddler and Little Sister YouTube

Having a younger sister can be seriously annoying. She copies your every move, steals all your favorite clothes, follows you around the house, and bangs on your locked bedroom door until you get so tired of the noise that you finally just give up and let her come in.

In the infamous words of Michelle Tanner…. How rude!

Of course, there are benefits to having a little sibling, too. Just ask Ellia Anderson, the grumpy toddler featured in this super-cute video that will give you all the feels.

When the clip first opens, Ellia is having a bad day. We know this because we hear her crying off-screen before she eventually toddles into the frame, tears running down her adorably reddened cheeks.

“This is gonna be a long day,” her mom Esther—who details life with her sweet fam over on her blog Story Of This Life—says to the camera. “It’s already been a long night.”

Sister, we have SO been there!

“What’s the matter?” Esther then asks Ellia as she walks over to where Mom is sitting with baby sister Tessa. “Did you wake up grumpy?”

Ellia just nods in reply as she climbs up to snuggle with the adorable newborn. And almost immediately, a calmness comes over her and, as if by magic, the tears stop flowing. The power of a sisterly bond!

“Do you feel better now?” Esther asks her.

Ellia nods in confirmation as she cradles her tiny sister’s head and strokes her cheek. “Hi!’ she says, turning in towards Tessa’s face. “Ohhh. I love her. So much.”

Sweetest thing ever!

“I love her. So much,” Ellia repeats as a huge smile breaks out on her considerably brightened face and she envelopes little Tessa in a hug.

Watch the whole heart-melting video below.

Did your heart just explode like ours did?

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