American First Ladies

name gender origin
Abigail Girl Hebrew
Anna Girl German/Italian/Swedish/Czech
Barbara Girl Latin
Betty Girl English
Caroline Girl French
Dolley Girl
Edith Girl English
Edith Girl English
Eleanor Girl Greek
Eliza Girl Hebrew
Elizabeth Girl Hebrew
Ellen Girl English
Florence Girl Latin
Frances Girl Latin
Grace Girl Latin
Hannah Girl Hebrew
Helen Girl Greek
Hillary Girl Latin
Ida Girl German
Jacqueline Girl French
Jane Girl Hebrew
Lady Bird Girl
Laura Girl Latin
Letitia Girl
Lou Boy
Louisa Girl German
Lucretia Girl Latin
Lucy Girl Latin
Mamie Girl English
Margaret Girl Greek
Martha Girl Aramaic
Mary Girl Hebrew
Nancy Girl English
Patricia Girl Latin
Rachel Girl Hebrew
Rosalynn Girl

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Girls’ names that rang through the White House, and we think they’ll sound pretty ringing through your house, too — Ida, Jane, Jacqueline, Loisa, Betty and more

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