All the presidents’ kids offer up awesome baby-naming options

All-American boy and girl baby names straight outta the White House

Maybe it’s possible to raise a born leader if you name your baby after one of our presidents’ kids.

The names presidents have chosen for their children are not only inspiring, they range from classic to beautiful to unique. A throwback pick, like Jimmy Carter’s son Donnell, or a more modern choice, like Barack Obama’s daughter Sasha, may be the perfect moniker for your baby boy or girl. And with the upcoming election keeping us busy, presidential baby names have more significance than ever.

Many presidents had children with the same names — John, for example, appeared in the families of several presidents — so we simply listed the first appearance of each name. But you can attest that some names are traditional, some probably won’t be used any time soon and some are unusual enough to be making a comeback.

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Which names do you like the best, and which names were the most surprising to you?

Presidential children’s names for boys

  • Abraham: Son of Martin Van Buren
  • Abram: Son of James Garfield
  • Allan: Son of Herbert Hoover
  • Andrew: Son of Andrew Jackson
  • Archibald: Son of Theodore Roosevelt
  • Benjamin: Son of William Harrison
  • Carter: Son of William Harrison
  • Charles: Son of John Adams
  • Chester: Son of Chester Arthur
  • Calvin: Son of Calvin Coolidge
  • David: Son of John Tyler
  • Donnell: Son of Jimmy Carter
  • Doud: Son of Dwight Eisenhower
  • Edward: Son of Abraham Lincoln
  • Elliott: Son of Franklin Roosevelt
  • Francis: Son of Grover Cleveland
  • Franklin: Son of Franklin Pierce
  • Frederick: Son of Ulysses S. Grant
  • George: Legal ward of George Washington
  • Harry: Son of James Garfield
  • Herbert: Son of Herbert Hoover
  • Irvin: Son of James Garfield
  • James: Son of James Monroe
  • Jesse: Son of Ulysses S. Grant
  • John: Stepson of George Washington
  • Joseph: Son of of Rutherford Hayes
  • Kermit: Son of Theodore Roosevelt
  • Lachlan: Son of John Tyler
  • Lyon: Son of John Tyler
  • Lyncoya: Adopted son of Andrew Jackson
  • Manning: Son of Rutherford Hayes
  • Marshall: Legal ward of James Polk
  • Martin: Son of Martin Van Buren
  • Marvin: Son of George H. W. Bush
  • Michael: Son of Gerald Ford
  • Millard: Son of Millard Fillmore
  • Neil: Son of George H. W. Bush
  • Patrick: Son of John Kennedy
  • Quentin: Son of Theodore Roosevelt
  • Richard: Son of Zachary Taylor
  • Robert: Son of John Tyler
  • Ron: Son of Ronald Reagan
  • Russell: Son of Benjamin Harrison
  • Rutherford: Son of Rutherford Hayes
  • Sardis: Son of Rutherford Hayes
  • Scott: Son of Rutherford Hayes
  • Smith: Son of Martin Van Buren
  • Steven: Son of Gerald Ford
  • Tazewell: Son of John Tyler
  • Theodore: Son of Theodore Roosevelt
  • Thomas: Son of John Adams
  • Ulysses: Son of Ulysses S. Grant
  • William: Son of William Harrison
  • Winfield: Son of Martin Van Buren

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Presidential children’s names for girls

  • Abigail: Daughter of John Adams
  • Alice: Daughter of John Tyler
  • Amy: Daughter of Jimmy Carter
  • Anne: Daughter of John Tyler
  • Arabella: Daughter of John Kennedy
  • Barbara: Daughter of George W. Bush
  • Caroline: Daughter of John Kennedy
  • Chelsea: Daughter of Bill Clinton
  • Christine: Daughter of Ronald Reagan
  • Dorothy: Daughter of George H. W. Bush
  • Eleanor: Adopted daughter of George Washington
  • Ellen: Daughter of Ulysses S. Grant
  • Eliza: Daughter of James Garfield
  • Elizabeth: Daughter of John Adams
  • Esther: Daughter of Grover Cleveland
  • Ethel: Daughter of Theodore Roosevelt
  • Frances: Daughter of Rutherford Hayes
  • Harriet: Adopted daughter of James Buchanan
  • Helen: Daughter of William Taft
  • Ida: Daughter of William McKinley
  • Jane: Daughter of Thomas Jefferson
  • Jenna: Daughter of George W. Bush
  • Jessie: Daughter of Woodrow Wilson
  • Julia: Daughter of John Tyler
  • Julie: Daughter of Richard Nixon
  • Katherine: Daughter of William McKinley
  • Letitia: Daughter of John Tyler
  • Luci: Daughter of Lyndon Johnson
  • Lucy: Daughter of Thomas Jefferson
  • Lynda: Daughter of Lyndon Johnson
  • Malia: Daughter of Barack Obama
  • Margaret: Daughter of Zachary Taylor
  • Maria: Daughter of James Monroe
  • Marion: Daughter of Grover Cleveland
  • Martha: Stepdaughter of George Washington
  • Mary: Daughter of Thomas Jefferson
  • Maureen: Daughter of Ronald Reagan
  • Natasha: Daughter of Barack Obama
  • Octavia: Daughter of Zachary Taylor
  • Patricia: Daughter of Richard Nixon
  • Patti: Daughter of Ronald Reagan
  • Pearl: Daughter of John Tyler
  • Pauline: Daughter of George H. W. Bush
  • Ruth: Daughter of Grover Cleveland
  • Sarah: Daughter of Zachary Taylor
  • Susan: Daughter of Gerald Ford
  • Susanna: Daughter of John Adams

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All-American boy and girl baby names straight outta the White House
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Originally published October 2013. Updated September 2016.