ALDI saves my sanity, again

School lunches are BACK and they’re the bane of my existence. They’re becoming more difficult to pack, harder to buy for and if I have to compete with ‘that mum’ who packs prettied up parcels daily for another year, I’m going to go postal …

The challenge

So, I’ve decided to set the challenge. Rather than curl zucchini and crimp carrot, creating a face for consumption, I’ve decided to go the practical route. The school asks for nude food, they’re going to get nude food. So nude that it’s been stripped of all things artificial.

While I was out traipsing the supermarkets in frustration, I came across these little gems in ALDI. I’ve been an ALDI convert for a little while now but had steered clear of their snacks because the artificial content was similar to that of the well-known brands and, honestly, nothing new.

They’ve done it again!

But, seeing the adverts up and hearing about the reformulation of certain kiddie snacks at ALDI, I bought in. They’ve somehow managed to fit all the good stuff in, take all the bad stuff out and still keep the price low. But best of all, the kids love ‘em!

Below are just a few products from the new range that you’ll find in the ALDI aisles.

ALDI’s claim

A spokesperson for ALDI, says, “At ALDI, we’re constantly reviewing our product range to improve nutritional content,” she says. “We’ve worked closely with our suppliers and can proudly say that all of our branded food items and exclusive brand lines are completely free of artificial food colours.

“ALDI Australia was the first and only supermarket in Australia to be completely free of artificial colours across its entire range of exclusive brands and other branded food items. These products have been formulated to remove all artificial food colourings, at no extra cost to the customer.

ALDI understands that for many kids, ‘Back to School’ means back to routine and that healthy eating being a top priority for parents. “Our customers can have complete confidence that no matter what grocery products they purchase at ALDI, they are providing a better choice for the health of their children.”

The expert.

To make sure I’m not celebrating prematurely, I thought it best to get and expert’s opinion.  Nutritionist, Amanda Fraser from Organic Food has said, “Whilst it is great that ALDI are improving their product range by marketing foods that are free from preservatives and artificial flavours and colours, I would still be weary of the other ingredients in that particular food. Namely the sugar content.  It is always a good idea before purchasing foods to have a proper look at the labels.  Remember 5 g of sugar is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar.  It is not uncommon for those kids yoghurt pouches to have more than 3 teaspoons of sugar in the one serving! The bottom line – read the labels.”


With packaging that can be resealed and brought home for the bin or removed completely before it hits the bag, I’m following the nude food rules. Plus the yoghurt can be frozen for a cool snack in summer that also works to keeps the rest of the lunch box cold.

I guess we need to remember these foods are still a ‘sometimes snack’ and they’re great for the quick and easy lunches when time is short. The only thing I need to remember now is to grab the ALDI bags from the boot and I’ll really be a champion!