A children’s high tea experience at the Langham in Melbourne

I’m sure Savannah would have agreed if she understood the concept of best and worst days. The chocolate smeared around her face, and the fox-like moves to steal the chocolate-coated strawberry from our high tea tower told me she thought it was a pretty special day too.

“You mean even better than Dreamworld?”


“And seeing seals for the first time in the wild?”

“Yeah. This is awesome. A whole day of just eating yummy food.”

Well it wasn’t quite the whole day, but it was a lovely hour and a half. I had taken the girls to see the movie Frozen a few days ago, and we all loved it.

So when I saw the opportunity for a Frozen high tea experience at the Langham in Melbourne, I knew it was a special event worth sharing with the girls. We attempted to make it all the more special by dressing up for the occasion, a little difficult when you are a nomadic family with a limited wardrobe!

Kalyra had an extra bounce in her step knowing that she looked like a princess attending a high tea fit for a Frozen princess.

“Mum, when you said ‘high tea’, I thought you meant yoga or something. I had no idea we’d be doing this.”

This consisted of snowflake cookies, Olaf the snowman marshmallow (one of our favourite characters from the movie), snowflake ham and cheese sandwiches, blue lemonade, hot chocolate and more.

High tea at the Langham Hotel Melbourne

Frozen theme high tea

Frozen high tea at the Langham

The girls were beside themselves. They each got a Frozen colouring-in book and activity book, and the story book of the movie. Savannah sat down to read the story, smiling and pointing at Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. The books came as the perfect distraction for when they needed to slow down on the gorging and take a break.

We enjoyed reminiscing about the movie and sharing our favourite parts of it with Daddy over blue ice jelly and white ice chocolate crackles.

This was also my first high tea experience, and I was left pretty impressed and more than a little full. The adults’ Tiffin three-tiered silver stand was filled with smoked salmon, chicken, and cucumber sandwiches; succulent scones with jam and cream; and a huge assortment of sweets: fruit tarts, chocolate eclairs, champagne truffles, lemon curd tart, and chocolate dipped strawberries that slowly shrunk each time I turned to look at them. Small little teeth marks indicated it was children rather than mice.

High tea at the Langham

High tea at the Langham

I debated whether to commit a faus pax and order coffee instead of tea, but decided if I was going to experience tradition then I had to do it right. I’m so glad I did.

My choice: the divinely refreshing pomegranate oolong tea. Fragrant and silky without being too sweet.

Just like the movie Frozen.

If you are looking for a special experience to share with your children this summer, I suggest heading a for a little Frozen refreshment at the Langham High Tea.

It could quite possibly be the happiest day of your child’s life.

You can see more about the high tea at the Langham here.

Disclaimer: We visited as guests of Langham Melbourne