7 Foods to Feed Baby Before Age 1

Research shows that the more fruits and veggies babies eat before age 1, the more likely they are to eat a variety of produce by age 6. Here are seven foods to feed your baby before age 1 (and how to prepare them!).


[MUSIC] 7 Foods to Feed Baby Before Age 1. The more fruits and veggies a baby eats by age one… the more produce she’ll consume by age six! Strawberries. Blend ’em up. The bright colors will get baby’s attention. Peaches. Puree them. Loaded with potassium. Baby will love the sweet flavor and soothing texture. Kale (not just for hipster babies). Steam it, then puree. Blend in banana for sweetness. Lentils. As easy as pasta. Packed with protein and iron. Texture is similar to cooked peas. Salmon. Older babies love this finger food. Contains DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid. So good for the brain. Peanut Butter. Stir into a puree (make sure it’s not too thick!) May prevent future peanut allergies. FYI spoon + peanut butter = choking hazard 🙁 Squash. Mash it – it’s a classic. Great source of vitamin A. Bonus tip don’t be bland! Add some flavor to baby’s food.