6 strange and terrifying facts about newborns

Newborns are a little bit terrifying, right? I mean, they’re undoubtedly adorable and precious and have the uncanny ability to make me want to sniff them even though I know they regularly soil themselves. But we can admit there are a lot of things about them that are a bit freaky. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

To prevent any unnecessary horror being visited upon your already sleep-deprived mind, here are a few of the freaky (but totally normal) things that are possible with newborns:

1. They can grow little baby boobs

If your little bundle looks as though they could use a training bra already, don’t freak out. Because of bub’s exposure to the same hormones that make mum’s breasts swell and grow during pregnancy, it’s common for little babies of both sexes to have slightly swollen breast tissue.

2. They can go cross-eyed

Ten perfect fingers and 10 perfect toes … and then you look at that adorable little face to notice that bub looks like he has had one too many at the pub and has gone cross-eyed! Newborns frequently appear cross-eyed for a few reasons. Firstly, they’re still getting the hang of using the muscles in their eyes (it was pretty dark in the womb, Mum!) and so don’t have full focusing control yet. Also, some babies are born with additional folds of skin in the corners of their eyes, which gives them a cross-eyed appearance but as they grow this evens itself out.

3. They can menstruate

Well, baby girls can at least, and for an unsuspecting parent to find blood in a nappy – well, you can imagine how terrifying it is. Again, due to the hormone exposure while in the womb, newborns can have a mini period in the first few weeks of life but it is nothing to worry about.

4. They can puke blood

While a newborn vomiting blood is always distressing, it might not necessarily be cause for panic. Some harmless reasons for this could be that they swallowed some of mum’s blood during delivery, or your cracked nipples bled a little while feeding. Obviously if you’re concerned it is always best to speak to a doctor, but don’t immediately assume the worst.

5. They can resemble teeny tiny werewolves

It’s not uncommon for your baby to be born entirely covered in hair – especially if she’s premature! If your baby is a little furrier than expected, don’t rush out to buy shares in Veet – it’s pretty normal and will shed in time. In the womb, babies are naturally covered in a downy fuzz, thought to regulate their temperature in there. Sometimes, especially if they’re born early, they haven’t had time to shed the hair and so are born somewhat more hirsute than we’re led to believe babies are supposed to be. Wanna know what’s even freakier than the fact that they’re sometimes born with hair? The fact that if they aren’t, it means they’ve shed it inside the womb … and then eaten it.

6. They can get acne

If your baby develops a rash all over his or her face that looks like acne, don’t be too worried – it’s those darned hormones that gave you so much grief during your pregnancy rearing their ugly heads again. After a few weeks it should clear up – and that silky smooth baby skin will return.

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