4 Ways to Make Lunch More Fun

Even with your best back-to-school intentions, making your child’s lunch can become a chore. In goes the protein, drink, veggies, and snack. But what about adding something extra special? With these easy—and totally doable—tricks, you can give your kid a sweet little surprise in the middle of the day! 

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Stick It On a Skewer

Skewers are all the rage on Pinterest, but they can get cumbersome and pokey for pint-size palates. Use smaller, more kid-friendly alternatives, such as reusable food picks, or icepop or lollipop sticks, and pair them with some unexpected lunchtime fare!

Stack tortellini on a bamboo pick, snip the tip, and send a side of marinara, or add waffles and strawberries to a Popsicle stick – because breakfast for lunch is always a yes!

play with cookie cutters

Raymond Hom

Play With Cookie Cutters

Flower-Shaped Cutter Make the classic shape into these cheesy owl eyes, or slice each cutout in half and layer over Nutella to make clouds. Cut the “petals” like a pie to make raindrops.

Snail Cutter A snail makes a great cheese sandwich (we used sliced Colby jack), or flip it the other way for a honeydew whale. Even cooler: Cut out the middle to create a cheese letter A. 

Heart-Shaped Cutter This shape takes flight as wings for a dragonfly or birdie. 

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Jammie Sammie

Raymond Hom 

Conjure a Character

If the idea of re-creating a movie or TV character is daunting, take a minimalist approach and make something symbolic that’s still recognizable. Here we used Mini Babybel cheese and grape fruit leather to make a Pokémon ball; a zigzagged slice of cheese on pumpernickel creates Charlie Brown’s shirt; and zucchini glasses with a red bell pepper lightning bolt reminds kids of Harry Potter.

Bake In a Mold

Raymond Hom

Bake In a Mold

It’s easy to craft butterflies, stars, flowers, and more from food—with the help of silicone bakeware. Buy a few different styles, and then whip up a bunch of freezer-friendly muffins, frittatas, and granola bites to have on hand when inspiration (or time!) is low. Try these three recipes: 

1. Easy Frittatas
2. Pumpkin-Spice Muffins
3. No-Bake Granola Bites

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