11 of the funniest new parent confessions


Bringing home a brand new baby is brilliant, let’s be clear, but it’s not really like it is in the movies.

Not only does new parenthood keep rolling long after the cameras are switched off, it throws up the kind of challenges we were never taught about at school! Gulp.

Luckily, little babies are perfectly designed. They are super adorable and capable of capturing our hearts in record time. That said there are less adorable THINGS we need to talk about, new parenting-wise. Secret thoughts and feelings that mums and dads of newborns were surprisingly quick to confide..!

11 of the funniest new parent observations


  1. Parenting is not what we expected



2. We could do with a little help, a lot of the time



3. We sometimes make mistakes



4. We are tired. So very tired.



5. The sacrifices can feel unreasonable at times



6. We’re acquiring lots of new skills



7. We no longer suffer fools



8. Little things sometimes unhinge us



9. We are sick of your advice



10. We’ve lowered our expectations



11, We remain optimistic, against the odds!



Fist bump to all the mums and dads who are doing their best every day! Thanks to these parents for actually saying what we’ve all been secretly thinking.  And high-fives to the social media platforms that help us connect with other parents and expose the hilarious  (and less hilarious) realities of family life, too!

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