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    After picking out a baby’s name, designing your bundle of joy’s room is your next most important decision. But with all the possibilities out there—modern, nautical, unisex, animals—decorating a pint-sized person’s room can feel hugely overwhelming.

    Project Nursery to the rescue! The inspirational baby room decor site has pulled together a list of the top trends for nurseries for 2015 with the help of their readers—real moms like you and me! From metallic hues to Western-inspired accents to modern floral prints, this year’s trends mean baby’s room may just be the most stylish room in the house.

    Co-founders Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio tell Parenting.com that the key to beginning the design process is to focus on one aspect of the space, so you don’t get buried in ideas and projects.

    “We recommend focusing on a single trend and letting it take the lead rather than several, which will overpower the space and end up looking cluttered. Pinterest is a terrific way to play around with a design to see how a particular trend will play out in the nursery along side your furnishings and decor. Anything that can help you visualize the nursery in advance is a great way to take some risks before really going for it!” they say.

    Fluhr and Ginocchio also share a top tip for designing your nursery on a budget but still using the trend you love: “There is usually a way to achieve a trend without too much expense. For example, with the ‘fake it wallpaper’ trend, we’ve seen some great DIY options using inexpensive contact paper and a stencil to create your very own custom decals. Or try making your own play teepee for a popular western vibe, or print out a quote on your home printer and frame it for instant inspirational art prints.”

    So now, without further adieu, behold, the top trends in baby nurseries for 2015. Which one is your favorite?

  • Project Nursery

    The Golden Rule

    Gold tones have made their way from the runway to baby’s room. Incorporate metallic hues into nursery furniture, decor, and accessories to capitalize on this super shiny style.

  • Project Nursery

    Go West, Baby

    A Western spirit infuses this next trend, which can be achieved through rustic accents like a teepee, a faux fur throw, arrow prints and raw, wood materials.

  • Project Nursery

    DIY Decal Walls

    Love the look of wallpaper but hate the work involved in hanging and, eventually, removing it? Then you’ll love the fake wallpaper trend. Just stick removable decals on baby’s walls to create a pattern. Psst…Triangle shapes are hot, hot, hot!

  • Project Nursery

    Bye Bye Bold

    This year it’s all about calm, neutral, unisex tones in the nursery. Whites, beiges and grays are where it’s at. Another color that’s getting a lot of attention in baby rooms now is celery green.

  • Project Nursery

    Sophisticated and Sweet

    Who says a baby’s room can’t be sweet and sophisticated? Convert your cutie’s space into a place you’ll love to be too by incorporating classic living room pieces, like a mini Chesterfield sofa or a French Empire table. Can baby say, “chic?”

  • Project Nursery

    Make ’em Blush

    If pink is too obvious a choice for your baby girl’s room, try a blush hue. This shade is a modern take on the classic color for girls’ nurseries.

  • Project Nursery

    Motivating Mantras

    Framing sayings to inspire is another huge trend in 2015. Baby’s first words may be “Dream Big” or “Be Brave” because he will see these motivational phrases on his walls from Day 1.

  • Project Nursery

    Bold Bureaus

    The baby bureau is the boldest piece of furniture in the nursery according to this trend. If you love the idea, look for dressers in standout colors like raspberry, deep blue and kelly green.

  • Project Nursery

    To Your Heart’s Content

    Hearts are hot this year. Incorporate the warm and fuzzy shape in any size or color into your baby’s room—be it on the walls, crib bedding or through accent pieces.

  • Project Nursery

    Flower Power

    Can flowers really ever go out of style? Well in 2015, they’re more relevant than ever. This feminine floral fad can be achieved in your baby’s room by hanging elegant, vintage inspired floral wallpaper.