Police investigate baby put up for sale on eBay



The popular auction website is famous for selling everything and anything, but police have been shocked to discover a 40-day-old baby listed, with the seller seeking offers over AU $ 7,292.51 (5000 Euros)

In the disturbing post, the dark-haired tot is paraded in a series of photographs wearing different onesies with the caption:

“Child, 40-days-old named Maria … for sale.”



eBay reported the listing to police as soon as they were made aware of it


The listing went viral soon after it was uploaded, taking social media and internet forums by storm. Concerned users quickly brought the listing to the attention of eBay and it was removed after just half an hour.

eBay took swift action


Speaking on behalf of eBay, Pierre Du Bois said the company reported the listing to police as soon as it was made aware of it.

Du Bois said, “We received a lot of complaints from users and we immediately pursued the matter. In such a case, we provide the authorities with all available information.”



eBay is accustomed to hoax listings


It is unclear if the post was meant to be a (very badly thought out) joke or if the sellers who hail from Duisburg, Germany hoped to cash in by selling baby Maria.

Mr Du Bois conceded that eBay is accustomed to hoax listings that sometimes includes jokes or attempts to defraud buyers.

Fighting child trafficking


Ironically, eBay’s billionaire founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife Pam are staunch supporters of anti-child trafficking charities.

Forbes reported that “In the last four years the Omidyars have become the single biggest private donors to the fight against the pernicious but lucrative human trafficking industry.”

Let’s hope this was just a bad joke!

Police are investigating.

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