Newport Public School: Public pathway through grounds outrages parents


Newport Public School, in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, has a public footpath running through its grounds.

While this has been a cause for concern for some parents in the past, a number of them were not previously aware the path could be accessed by the public, and others simply don’t see a need to worry.

“It’s a safe neighbourhood. Safe school. No problem,” one dad told 7 News.

However, a recent incident has seen an increasing amount of pressure from parents to close the walkway for public use.

Suspicious behaviour


Two weeks ago a man – who claimed to be a tradesman – was found alone on the path with two six-year-old school girls, 7 News reported.

There were a number of things deemed suspicious about the incident. The man had used the footpath to access the kindergarten, entering a classroom asking for directions to the principal’s office.

The teacher in the classroom then sent two six-year-old girls to show him the way. When another teacher approached him and the girls en route to the office, instead of explaining himself – the man fled.



Taking action

The incident only gives another reason for parents to renew their campaign for the school to install a fence to better protect the primary school students.

Despite being due to receive $3.2 million in state government funding in the space of six years, Newport Public has shown no plans to invest these towards a fence.

In a letter sent home to parents, the school reassured all that “At no stage was there any suggestion of any threat to any students or staff.”

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