Jewish Baby Names

Thinking about Jewish and Hebrew baby names? Our list has plenty of options for your little one.


What’s in a Jewish name? Did you know many Jewish babies are named to hour a relative? Avi, Aaron, Isaac, Adam, Samson, Danielle, Bethel, Ester. Fact: The names can go back and forth for generations. “I just know she’ll be named Sarah, after her grandmother.” “No, no, its going to be Hannah.” “Maybe Rebecca?” “I thought it was a boy.” “Oy!” “Oy!” Traditionally, the name is kept secret until a public ceremony after birth. Caleb, Levi, Jacob, Eve, Dinah. Some famous people with Jewish names. Actor: Adam Sandler, Supreme Court Justice: Ruth Bader Ginaberg, Actress: Sarah Jessica Parker, Dreamworks founder: David Geffen, Actor: Seth Rogan. “Of course you’ll give him a Hebrew name too?” “You call him Joshua. I’ll call him Tehoshua.” That’s what’s in a Jewish name! Some great Jewish names: Adam means “son of the earth.” Avi means “father,” which could be in longer names like Avidan, Avidor, Aviel. Eli means “uplifted.” Elijah and Elliott are longer versions. Noah is the Biblical ark builder meaning “rest.” Daniel means “God is my judge.” David means “beloved.” Asher means “blessed one.” Seth means “appointed,” third son of Adam and Eve. Ezekiel means “God strengthens.” Israel means “He who struggles with God.” Abraham means “Father of multitudes,” considered the patriarch of the Jewish people. Moshe is a variant of Moses it means “savior.” Hannah means “favored by God.” Leah means “weary.” Look for alternative spellings, like Lea. Sarah means “princess.” Sadie is a variant on Sarah and means “princess.” Rachel means “Ewe.” Danielle is a female version of Daniel. Means “God is my judge.” Naomi means “joyful.” Miriam means “wished for child.” Shani means “scarlet thread.” Ruth means “friend.” Judith is a Hebrew name that means “from Judea.” Eliza is a shortened form of the popular Hebrew name Elizabeth, which means “pledged to God.” For more names, go to

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