I Want It Now – Does Your Child Say This?

Does Your Child Say This? “I want it now.”

Does Your Child Say This? “I want it now.”

Do you dread the threat of a temper tantrum, and feel like you give in to your child’s demands in order to avoid an outburst? In this month’s issue, James Lehman, creator of The Total Transformation Program for parents, shows you how to defuse a tantrum by using an effective response aimed at teaching your child that acting out is not the way to meet his needs.  

“I want it NOW…” followed by a tantrum.
Translation: If I escalate my behavior, you’ll give in, and I’ll get the cookie. I know. I’ve seen you do it before.
Ineffective parenting response: “Sarah, stop it! I said stop it! Here…(gives Sarah a cookie) now be quiet!”
Effective parenting response: “Don’t act that way. It won’t help you get the cookie.” Then turn around and walk away.

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