These baby names all have great meanings he can be proud of

Some little baby boy names come with great big meanings

It really is a thing that the Goldilocks baby naming dilemma, and it’s probably going to come up when you’re choosing a baby name for your little dude. You’re looking for the perfect baby name for your new guy — one that’s not too out there, and not too over-used, but just right.

 boy names with great meanings

Oh yeah, and it should sound good with your last name and have a special meaning, too.

Not too much to ask, right?

To help you narrow down your search, check out our list of names with great meanings, from strong to blessing, warrior to leader.

Popular boy names and what they mean

Many of today’s parents are choosing a baby name not only for the sound of it, but also for the meaning. Let’s start our list with the meanings of some of the most popular boy names of the year.

  • Ethan: Strong
  • Daniel: Attractive
  • Noah: Comfort
  • Alexander: Defender of man
  • Aiden: Fiery
  • Max: Greatest
  • Liam: Resolute defender
  • Sebastian: Revered
  • Jack: Rebel

Baby boy names meaning “Strong”

Many parents want their son to have a masculine name — and these boy names that mean “strong” certainly fit the bill.

  • Aaron: Mountain of strength
  • Maximus: Greatest
  • Ekon: Strong
  • Hagan: Strong defense
  • Jedrek: Strong, manly
  • Jerry: Brave spearman
  • Kalmin: Manly and strong
  • Kwan: Strong
  • Magnar: Strong warrior
  • Mann: Strong man
  • Neron: Strong
  • Remo: The strong one
  • Takeo: Strong as bamboo
  • Takeshi: Strong
  • Tiger: Powerful and energetic
  • Zeke: God strengthens
  • boy names with great meanings

Baby boy names that mean “Warrior”

Are you looking for the perfect name for your tough guy? These boy names that mean “warrior” or “fighter” have that masculine edge to them.

  • Cayden: Great fighter
  • Barin: Noble Fighter
  • Donovan: Strong fighter
  • Dustin: Fighter
  • Cadman: Warrior; Fighter
  • Cadmar: Brave Warrior
  • Chad: Defense
  • Kelly: Warrior
  • Wyatt: Little warrior
  • Guy: Warrior
  • Helmer: The wrath of a warrior
  • Morgan: Sea warrior
  • Rider: Knight
  • Baby boy names that mean miracle or blessing

    Is your baby boy a blessing or a miracle? These blessed names are the perfect choice for your little angel.

    • Boone: Good, A blessing.
    • Jedidiah: Blessed name from the Bible
    • Karamat: Miracle
    • Berwin: Welsh name for Blessing
    • Baraka: Arabic name for Blessing
    • Indivar: Sanskrit name meaning Blessing
    • Pele: Hebrew name for Miracle

    Baby boy names that mean leader

  • If you have aspirations of raising a future President or leader, these names will give them a head start.

    Donnel: Great chief
    Duke: Leader
    Melville: Celtic name meaning leader
    Barnett: English name meaning leader
    Dietrich: German name meaning, “leader of the people”
    Cedric: Welsh name meaning, “war leader”
    Derreck: English name meaning leader
    Frederik: German name meaning, “merciful leader”
    Emory: German name meaning leader and “head of the household”
    Caleb: Famous leader in the Bible
    Joshua: Leader of the Israelites in the Bible
    Kaiser: Emperor

    Boy names with fantastic meanings

    Milo: Merciful
    Finn: Blonde soldier
    Garrett: Defender
    Andrew: Manly; strong
    Beau: Handsome
    Harding: Brave, resilient
    Kane: Fighter
    Leo: Lion
    Leonard: Brave as a lion
    Lorcan: Little; fierce
    Lowell: Young wolf
    Neal: Champion
    Nika: Ferocious
    Phoenix: Reborn from the ashes
    Rocco: Rock
    Valdus: Powerful

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