200 little dog names that don’t skimp on personality

These small dog names will give your pup some serious character

Long gone are the days of naming your petite pup something predictable like Tiny or Peewee — how about a standout name like Thumper, Webster or Clementine instead?

The best part of naming a small dog is the multitude of choices. You can base your pup’s name on small things, things that sound small, words for small or small things in foreign languages… you can even go nuts and make up impressive-sounding but completely ridiculous names. Sky’s the limit.

The important thing is to take your time and choose a name that really suits your little munchkin (which isn’t on this list but would still make a cute name). Got a new puppy? Test out a few different ones until you find just the right fit for your new pup’s personality.

Names for small male dogs

  1. Alf
  2. Artoo
  3. The Atom
  4. Biggie Smalls
  5. Boris
  6. Brogan
  7. Buckshot
  8. Bullet
  9. Caesar
  10. Colonel Mustard Seed
  11. Conan
  12. Cooper (Coop for short)
  13. Cruise
  14. Delphiki (“Bean” in Ender’s Game, which would make a good nickname)
  15. Derringer
  16. Dinky
  17. Dobby
  18. Faolán
  19. Fennec (especially for dogs with large, pointed ears)
  20. Flick
  21. (Professor) Flitwick
  22. Flöki
  23. Franjean
  24. Gherkin
  25. Gimli
  26. Grasshoppah
  27. Grommet
  28. Hamlet
  29. Higgs
  30. Inspector Gadget
  31. Kieran (best for dark dogs)
  32. King Brian
  33. Li’l Abner
  34. Logan
  35. Mannix
  36. Maximilian
  37. Meatball
  38. Mercury
  39. Monet
  40. Nacho
  41. Napoleon
  42. Neutron
  43. Odie
  44. Paddington
  45. Petey
  46. Piccolo
  47. Pico
  48. Pippin
  49. Pluto
  50. Pugsley (especially for a Pug, unless you’re going for irony)
  51. Puck
  52. Quark
  53. Radar
  54. Rafiki
  55. Roo
  56. Scrappy
  57. Sir Nips-a-lot
  58. Smeagol (you can call him Gollum when he’s a bad boy) 
  59. Smokey
  60. Sprocket
  61. Sweeney
  62. Thumper
  63. Tillman
  64. Tonka
  65. Underdog
  66. Webster
  67. Whelp

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